Tools & Access

About Tools/Access

Information about the tools/access priority (conceptualization, operationalization of terms, about the major tools/access concerns, etc)

Library Automation Software

-Database of Districts / Software Vendor
-Sample RFPs or Quotes

The K-12 Library & Web 2.0 Solutions

-General resources & discussion of Library 2.0
-Samples of Best Practices

-Training ideas / Lesson plans

-Internet Public Library (IPL)

  • Here is another useful tool to keep in your Internet Arsenal: The Internet Public Library. This link will bring you to some tutorials on its use in teaching/byteachers. It appears that the IPL, and all of it's links, are being handled by university library-science students. (SJ)

Specific Library & Classroom applications for:




-Video Conferencing

-Social Networks

Puzzled as to what to do with weeded books? Make them into furniture!

Online Databases:

-Database of Districts / Subscription Products

-Usage Statistics
-Measurements for evalution
-Strategies for increasing database usage

-Funding Issues: by District? by State? by Building?


Participant Facilitator: Jayne Downing, Philadelphia, PA
Wiki Facilitator: Cathy McLeod, Seattle, WA
Contact: Sheri Massey, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Group Members

Meggin Condino, Thomson Gale
Jayne Downing, Philadelphia, PA
Edith Fuller, Portland, OR
Paul Lanata, Jefferson County, KY
Cathy McLeod, Seattle, WA
Nancy Teger, Florida Dept. of Education

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